Building online success for an artisan woodworking company

Greyfell Wood Co. Branding, Logo & Website


Greyfell Wood Company is an artisan furniture maker producing unique cabinets, tables and shelves from locally sourced American hardwoods. Greyfell designs and builds custom furniture for their clients and takes great pride in producing heirloom quality pieces that will last many generations. In addition to offering designing and building, they also perform furniture repair.


Kicking this project off with an in-depth Discovery phase, we conducted user interviews with the company owner to identify the project requirements and our existing media assets. In these interviews we learned the company had many beautiful photographs of the furniture building process. These images were visually stunning and communicated the detail, precision and beauty of the woodworking process.
Additionally we learned Greyfell had a collection of furniture items in their workshop for sale but they had no storefront to display the items to potential customers. Implementing an online store system would allow them to generate additional revenue and free up space in their workshop.

UX Strategy

Greyfell’s products are simple and beautiful and so their website should be a reflection of that. We chose to design a visually minimal website layout and use lots of high quality photos of the beautiful woodwork to connect customers directly with the end result they sought which was visually stunning wood furniture.


The website was built using HTML and CSS and was utilized a completely responsive design so it would scale to all device sizes including mobile phones. We expected as much as 70% of our web traffic would be from mobile phone users and so it was important that the site looked great on smaller screen sizes.

We produced a single page layout that displayed a main landing section, an image gallery portfolio, a storefront and a blog. The blog served as a way for the company to share thoughtful stories about woodworking to connect with the larger community through social media. We identified Instagram as the most active social platform for woodworking content, likely because how it centers around sharing images.

The Results

The results were a minimal, clean, organized website that lets the product speak for itself. The Greyfell Wood Co. website serves as a landing page for the company to display all their work to attract new clients through a variety entry-points including social media, blogging and online searches. The design simplicity produces a site that is easy to read by creating a user experience that allows the customer to immediately receive what they are seeking, which is beautiful woodwork.

Closing Thoughts

The Greyfell Wood Co website is a good example of when it’s appropriate to use minimal design. The product is visually detailed and beautiful and so the design of the site should not compete with that. By creating simplicity, the design fades into the background and is barely noticeable, directing the user’s attention to the elements that are important: the products.